It is time to stop using body care products in an effort to be loved,

and instead begin to use them to love ourselves.

Our Vision is to produce clean, organic, nature-derived products for body, mind and spirit that support and individuals’ intention to awaken the sleeping beauty within through the act of self-love. The ancient shamanic traditions understood the power of anointing themselves with oils as a sacred act. This action of anointing the body with love, brings to life an inner dynamic power we all have available to us yet most are unaware of. Awakening to what we put on our bodies, and how we choose to connect to ourselves is an honoring action essential to evolving both our selves and the planet.

Organic Ingredients feed and nurture the body as well as beautify. Feminine Mysteries™ is committed to using ingredients grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Feminine Mysteries™ is also committed to procuring whenever possible ingredients that have been grown according to Certified Organic practices, and that contain no known carcinogens. We know that organic botanicals are more nutrient-dense, than their non organic counterparts. Our products will always be nurturing, handcrafted, organic, fair trade (whenever possible), and cruelty-free.

Affirmation Tool Kits are daily subtle practices of self-love. Each time you shampoo your hair with I Love My Hair™, or roll on our deodorant, I Love My Pits™, or wash your face with I Love My Face™ you make a declaration of love for yourself. Feminine Mysteries™ creates affirmation body products that support Humankind’s deep desire to evolve by raising both our mental and physical resonance. Changing the way we think and envision ourselves, and how we use body products. It’s time to stop using products in an effort to be loved, and instead, begin to use them to love ourselves.

Healing our Beauty Wound is possible regardless of age, weight, race, income, or gender. Most women, and many men have a “beauty wound”, and are often their own worst enemy: self-doubting, self-analyzing and self-critical. Each one of the Feminine Mysteries’ Affirmation Body products cultivates a positive life culture through seeding many important ‘love thy self’ moments. We provide new ways to string together small daily nurturing practices into your life, in order to raise your mental game and your life resonance throughout the day. So you can live the life you were meant to live!

Our Planet is amazingly diverse and abundant and self sustaining, and it will remain as such provided we assume new ways of consuming her natural resources.  What we choose to consume today directly impacts how we, and future generations, will live tomorrow. What we buy we grow! Choosing to buy Feminine Mysteries™ Products means, you too are positively impacting the future. You only have one body, and we only have one planet. We promise to do our part to take care of both.

This site is a new and exciting step for us –  as we are opening the doors, and allowing you our valued customers the opportunity to buy direct from us at discount prices. In addition, we’ll be posting a regular blog that covers everything from Chemicals to Avoid, What it means to be your own Best Friend, to Instructions for a Daily Water Meditation. 

We will keep you up to date with our expanding range, share our philosophy and methodology, and post special deals on new products.  And we’ll let you know what Toni’s up to – new releases and up-coming concert tours!

We hope you drop in from time to time, and begin to feel like you are part of an expanding community of switched-on and self-aware individuals who are seeking to evolve their existence and relationships – with others and, most importantly with yourself.

And lastly… if you need permission to love yourself a little more today and feel immense gratitude for being alive… try our new Chai and begin your own loving practice. Go for it! Have a great day and we look forward to connecting again soon.  ;D)~<

The online FM store is now open to you!!

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Keeping it real

Here at Feminine Mysteries we are dedicated to minimising waste and company expenditures in order to ensure you get the BEST product possible at the best possible price. We are a small operation, but with a big heart and really look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions as we embark on expanding our range of products whilst exploring practices to reduce the cost to you, the consumer. Stay in touch and watch this space as The Feminine Mysteries concept blossoms on a global scale.

Toni Childs – Founder / Director

In an effort to love and heal myself, I created a line of Affirmation Body Products. I realized that I was very critical of my overall physical appearance. My inner critic was driving my life, and I finally grew tired of it. Creating a loving daily grooming practice is my way of changing the internal negative messages that have insisted I was not beautiful enough or clever enough or good enough. If you’ve been unkind to yourself too, I hope you will use these products to reclaim your power and begin the adventure of discovering your unique beauty. I urge you to give yourself permission to be powerfully magnificent.

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